At Bear Landscaping and Snow Removal, we’re here to bring your landscaping visions to life, whether it’s revitalizing your current outdoor space or creating a brand-new look. Our experienced team, equipped with top-notch equipment, can handle projects of any size, ensuring your home or business stands out. We prioritize efficiency to minimize disruptions, making it hassle-free to maintain a beautiful green space. Contact us today to learn more about our professional landscaping services and how we can save you time, money, and effort while enhancing your property’s appeal. We’re excited to work with you and make your outdoor dreams a reality.


Bear Landscaping and Snow Removal is your go-to lawn care and maintenance specialist in Oshkosh, WI, dedicated to enhancing the appeal of your property through healthy, green lawns. Our services are designed to create and maintain vibrant landscapes that elevate curb appeal. Reach out to us today to explore our comprehensive lawn care solutions, and let us help you achieve the lawn of your dreams efficiently and affordably, whether it’s for your residential or business property.


Bear Landscaping and Snow Removal is your reliable partner for all your tree, shrub, and bush needs, ensuring safety and efficiency in every task, from small to large projects. Avoid unnecessary risks to your property and well-being—choose us as Oshkosh, WI’s premier option for trimming, cutting, and removal services. Whether it’s proactive tree care or storm aftermath cleanup, contact us today for information, quotes, or to schedule your next tree service.


Bear Landscaping and Snow Removal provides a comprehensive range of landscaping services, encompassing grading, seeding, planting, lawn care, and maintenance. Whether you’re in need of revitalizing your current landscape or crafting a new outdoor haven, we’re dedicated to turning your lawn and green space aspirations into reality. Beyond grading and lawn care, we are equipped to assist with outdoor projects of any size, ensuring both residential and commercial spaces receive the attention they deserve.

Stump Grinding

Tree care and maintenance tasks can pose significant challenges and safety hazards. The skilled crews at Bear Landscaping and Snow Removal are well-equipped with the necessary tools, expertise, and experience to tackle projects of all scopes. Whether it involves bucket and dump trucks, chippers, or stump grinders, we bring the complete arsenal required to carry out the work safely and efficiently, always ensuring your property is left in better condition than when we arrived. Trust us for all your tree cutting or felling requirements.