The snow season of 2021-2022 has been the first time I have hired someone to do snow removal for me. Before hiring anyone, I made calls to a number of places. Some didn’t call back and another one just didn’t give me a good feeling overall. I felt like he was not too willing to give me straight-forward answers and I just wasn’t all that comfortable. That was not the case with Brandon here at Bear Landscaping and Snow Removal. I explained to him I’d never hired anyone to do this before and had no idea how things worked, etc. He took plenty of time to politely explain everything to me and I was impressed from the first conversation. I hired him to come out when we got 2-inches or more of snow. But then there were a couple of times that we only got an inch, but I wanted him to come out anyway. All I did was send him an email asking him to come out and that was it. They were out here the same day and got everything cleaned up. The first time they came out, they hadn’t yet put down those little plastic markers to show where the pavement is, and they accidentally plowed part of the grass on the one side of my driveway. But Brandon was very honest and told me about it, saying that the good thing was they’re a landscaping company also and would take care of that for me in the spring. These folks are great to work with, they’re honest, reasonably-priced and do good work. I can’t recommend them highly enough and besides the lawn repair they’re already planning to do by the driveway, I am going to have them give me an estimate for repairing part of my backyard when the snow has finally melted for the season. If you hire these folks for anything, I’m sure you’d be happy with their work and your decision. (On a side note, Brandon has a stunning Golden Retriever who often rides shotgun with him. As a dog owner and dog lover myself, who also does a lot of dog rescue volunteer work and owns a pet-sitting service in the area, seeing his dog with him in the cab of the truck makes me smile.) Four paws up for Bear Landscaping and Snow Removal!!!!